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We Have Puppies!

Puppies born July 16, 2019. Two boys and 1 girl. All are very healthy and thriving.
The proud parents are: Grand Champion Marday's Ollie Ollie Home Free (sire)
Champion Disneyland's Here I Come to Marday (dam)

Since you are visiting my website, you must already be thinking about bringing a Lowchen into your home.

Marday Kennels strives to breed even tempered, healthy little lion dogs. My precious dogs are only placed in homes after lengthy interviews. So, if you want one of my little ones, expect plenty of questions. Occasionally, I offer adult Lowchen for adoption, free of charge, to those who qualify.

I hope the following information will help you to make a more educated decision as to whether a Lowchen is the best breed for you.

Thank you for visiting Marday Kennels.